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iPhone vs. Android Thoughts

This week I switched from my iPhone 5 to an a Google Nexus 5 to better use the functions of Google Glass.

I've only been using the the Nexus for a few days, but here are a few things I've noticed:

  • iOS has way more apps. While many of the apps are cross-platform, some big ones just aren't on Android. The most noticeable missing app for me was Amazon Instant Video.
  • Android is more transparent. iOS likes to hide files away from the user, while Android lets you have direct access. If you want to throw Music files into a Video folder, you can do it.
I've had an iPhone since the original, and upgraded every time I was eligible, so transferring data has always been a matter of simply plugging in the iPhone and having iTunes do all the work. With the Nexus 5, I had to first transfer my iPhone's Contacts to Google Contacts before syncing the Nexus.

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