I had one of those


I had one of those dreams tonight -- the ones where something so incredible happens that it can't be anything but a dream, but you believe it to be real anyways. I was way disoriented when I awoke. You know what the real kicker is? The incredible event? It wasn't that incredible. Just an ordinary thing. Which made waking up that much more disorienting.

I forget how dry L.A. is, and I never drink enough water to compensate.

E3. Back to the mecca of gaming. Even though I have an anti-gaming stance, I try to revert to my 13-year old self -- the one who was so fascinated with games that he would have sold his soul to be where I am now. Which makes me wonder -- maybe I did sell my soul to be where I am now... but if I had, wouldn't life be better than this? Or maybe this is the twist -- that I must suffer through E3 -- my eternal damnation.

No, scratch that. E3 isn't my eternal damnation. Coming back to L.A. always changes my point of view -- more bitter, cynical and sarcastic. How strange it is, to feel alone in a city filled with millions of people.

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