I watched Out of Sight,


I watched Out of Sight, the J.Lo/George Clooney movie based on a book by Elmore Leonard. J. Lo's character, Karen Sisco, is due to get her own show on the networks this coming fall season. I tend to like Elmore Leonard books and movies since they are usually heist or caper films -- and there just aren't many being made in Hollywood these days. The reason for the difficulty in making heist films is simple -- it's tough to make the audience feel sympathetic for criminals. Look at Gone in 60 Seconds... it's about a bunch of car thieves... it's tough to make anyone who's ever had their car stolen feel sorry for them. Ocean's Eleven works well as a heist movie works well for one reason, and one reason only -- it's a casino getting hurt. What is for sure to be a summer blockbuster, The Italian Job is also a classic remade heist film. It looks like it will be a fun film. What's most surprising to me is how many classic heist films they've remade, and how few new ones are being made, but as I've said, the trick is in making sympathetic characters.

Looks like it's gonna rain today. Those dark looming clouds do not bode well for the coming day.

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