I've been cleaning my apartment


I've been cleaning my apartment the whole day, trying to rid myself of the myriad of items I've accumulated over the years. Also been making a mess in the kitchen cooking up lunch and dinner. I made chicken parmegiana for dinner. I made fried rice for lunch and was originally going to make paella for dinner but the afternoon passed quicker than I realized and I was quite hungry by the time I realized the dinner hour had come and gone so I decided to whip up something quick

The ingredient that gives paella it's unique flavor is a spice known as saffron. According to the spice bottle: " Saffron comes from a lovely violet crocus. During the two week fall flowering period, only the three stigmas of each flower are hand picked and carefully dried. It takes three stigmas from each of 75,000 flowers to produce one pound of Saffron."

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