Wow, great season finale. Lots


Wow, great season finale. Lots of things to look forward to next season I guess. The problem that Alias faces is getting new viewers, because it's set up like a soap opera in that each episode continues off the previous one, they are constantly having to do things to change Sydney's world so that new viewers don't get lost.

We just started reading through The Purpose-Driven Life as a church community in the 40 Days of Purpose program. They don't want us to go through it alone, but... that's how I feel most comfortable in dealing with things.

Stopwaste.Org will be savior to the 400+ empty CD jewel cases I have sitting around in my apartment.

Oh yeah, go see X2 -- good flick. Excellent sequel to the first X-Men movie, and stands well on it's own. Next week the company is renting out one of the theaters at Universal Citywalk for a private company showing of Matrix Reloaded.

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