It occurred to me a


It occurred to me a little while ago that Aug 13th, 2003 marked the 10 year anniversary of my arrival in the Bay Area. If things had ended up differently, that day might have been my last day up here as well. As it turns out, it seems that my destiny lies in the bay area (at least for one more year). This week will be a busy one for me:

  • Getting new house stuff squared away, i.e. Electric, phone, cable, DSL?, etc.
  • Meeting with prospective game publishers on Wednesday.
  • Picking up sister from the airport on Thursday.
  • Picking up forms and books from SJSU after picking up sister.
  • Renew Car registration
  • Find out if buying a second car for daily use will reduce car insurance.
  • Pack up the majority of the stuff
  • Reserve a moving van and/or a storage area
  • Get the car washed (it's been almost 2 months).
  • Fill out forwarding address stuff.
  • Sort out stuff to recycle/donate.

Hmm... list is getting long... eating and sleeping needs to fit in there too, and I'm positive there's a lot more...

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