This morning, as I was


This morning, as I was preparing for my meeting with the publisher, I got a phone call from the blood bank asking if I had the time to donate, because they have a transplant patient who needs A positive blood. Summer is when they have trouble getting donations, since people go on vacation and the like. Since it's been a while since I have donated, I naturally agreed to donate blood after my meeting. I was a little worried since I recently left the country, but they said it wasn't a problem. Today was a good day to donate too, since I had a very large breakfast and a decent sized lunch. (The last time I donated, I hadn't eaten beforehand, and as soon as they pricked me for the iron test, I immediately felt lightheaded and they sent me home). But the donation today went really well (I filled the bag in six minutes). I'm supposed to eat a hearty meal for dinner tonight, so I suppose I'll eat out tonight, since my dinners tend to be quite light. As much as I like sushi, it's not nearly filling enough.

My sister arrives tomorrow, so I'll go to SJSU and buy my books for the semester.

8 Days Left Until Mike Moves.

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