Well, I just came back


Well, I just came back from San Jose and signed the rental papers. So, I will have a new place to live in two weeks. The landlord was kind enough to take me on a little tour of the surrounding area, so I know a little about the area now, including where the new Martin Luther King Jr. Library is. Apparently this new library is a joint venture with the city of San Jose and San Jose State University, and it's huge.

The place is only a few blocks away from SJSU, and the downtown San Jose area. Here's a small list of the places around San Jose that I'll have to visit.

A little about the place: It's half of a old Victorian-esque looking house, with hardwood floors. It doesn't have a dining area, but it does have a nice sized living room, which is where I tend to spend the majority of my time anyways.

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