Goooooo Bears!


Cal beat Stanford 41 to 6!!!

We've gave 'em the Axe!!! Chop, Chop Chop!

I used to live in Bowles Hall, which is right across the street from the football stadium. It is, without a doubt the most school spirited residence hall, due to its colorful and unique history (and also because in my year a large number of Bowlesmen were part of the Cal Marching Band). Every Bowlesman knows the Bowles Hall Drinking Song, although I had forgotten that the band always stopped by after a home game. The first year I came to Cal, the big Game was at Stanford, and my roommate bussed across the bay with the other Bowlesman to attend. The Bears won that day, and for the next week the trophy of the game -- the Stanford Axe, was paraded around the campus. As legend goes, if you touch the Axe, you'll be blessed with straight A's for the remainder of your academic life at Cal. He and I both touched the Axe, and that myth is definitely busted. Even though i only went to three Cal games (vs. UCLA, vs. Arizona, vs. Stanford) my entire university career, I would have liked to have seen this one.

"Stanford Jonah"

So...then... it's...

Up with the Blue and Gold,

Down with the Red;

California's out for a victory.

We'll drop our battle-axe on

Stanford's head, Chop!

When we meet her, our team will surely beat her.

Down on the Stanford Farm there'll be no sound,

When our Oski rips through the air.

Like our friend Mister Jonah,

Stanford's team will be found

In the tummy of the Golden Bear!

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