Container Mania


As I've mentioned previously, I'm currently cleaning and organizing the apartment. When I woke up this morning, I looked online to see what was on sale at Target. Last night, before I fell asleep, my sister had mentioned that there was some good stuff on sale,and I noticed a couple of items that seemed like they'd be useful to have, including these storage containers, which were 3.33 each. So I bought three of them, filled them, and realized that these might be kind of handy to have around. I went back and bought four more. My sister wanted to go to Target to pick up something that she had missed, and we returned. I purchased seven more. Then I found out that one of the lids didn't fit, so I returned to Target to get the correct one, and also ended up purchasing five more. All told, a total of 19 of these containers now reside in my apartment, in various stages of use.

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