New Camera


I decided to get a new digital camera. It's a Canon EOS-20D.

Ever since this camera was announced in August, I've been debating whether to buy it to replace my Sony digital camera that I purchased almost 4 years ago. The Sony was one of those purchases that was great for the time. I'm still planning on using the Sony in limited capacity, but the 20D will now be my main workhorse camera.

Problems with the Sony

  • No MacOSX/USB compatibility
  • only a 2.1 megapixel camera
  • Limit on media is 156 MB
  • refresh between shots is slow due to the CD drive mechanism.
  • The mini CD it writes to won't fit in my Powerbook
  • Even with a external CD ROM hooked up, the PowerBook still won't read it.
  • The battery charge on the Sony is a scant 5 minutes now. Replacement is $80.

Pretty much the only feature I will really miss is the Carl Zeiss 10x Optical Zoom Lens. (which will likely be remedied by a telephoto lens on the 20D)

Things I already love about my new camera

  • Compatible with OS X.
  • 8.2 Megapixels
  • CF card is the media.
  • Interchangable lenses
  • Shutterspeed is good enough for action shots.
  • Good sense of weight.

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