The Tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed over 156,000 people (that was the last number I heard). Consider for a moment how big a number 156,000 is.

156,000 - 1.5 times the population of Berkeley.

156,000 - 1.6 times the seating capacity of the Rose Bowl.

156,000 - 2.2 times the population of Mountain View

156,000 - 3 times the population of Cerritos.

156,000 - 4.7 times the student population of UC Berkeley

156,000 - 5.4 times the population of Foster City

156,000 - 57.7 times World Trade Center-related deaths

156,000 - 117 times the number of Americans dead in Iraq

156,000 - If you said one name every second, you wouldn't finish saying the names until after 43 hours had passed.

156,000 - If you filled a olympic-size pool with the blood from the dead, It would be 80% filled.

City of Berkeley Population: 102,743

Rose Bowl: 97,000 seats

Mountain View population is 70,708 according to 2000 Census.

Cerritos Population is 51,448

UC Berkeley student population is a smidge over 33,000 students.

Foster City population is 28,803

According to the CDC, 2,726 deaths were reported as World Trade Center related.

As of Dec 27, 2004 1,331 Americans have died in Iraq.

The average human body contains 5 Liters of Blood.

An Olympic Size swimming pool holds 957,600 liters of water

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