Internet! (Day 1: San Diego Comic Con)


We are weak. We finally caved into the lack of internet access today. After seeing the San Diego Convention Center's ridiculous rates for internet (4.95 for 1 hour access), the hotel's rate of 9.95 for 24 hoour access seemed much better. So Team Uni broke down and bought hotel internet today instead of leeching off the the Catalyst conference's network access downstairs.

My thoughts on the comic con so far is this: The San Diego Comic-Con encompasses far more than just comics these days -- with big mainstream media moving in, it feels less like comics and more like pop culture. There are still comics to be sure, but there's also quite a bit of non-comic stuff too. I actually fear what all this big media money will do to the con -- I've seen anime cons change with the influx of big media money, and it turns what used to be a gathering for hobbyists into a PR event for the major companies.

I'm still aching from tai ji, and I fear it may be hampering my ability to effectively move across the convention hall.

I have no cash. I must find an ATM if I wish to survive the most challenging days ahead. Bank of America's ATM network in downtown San Diego has failed me.

I haven't noticed many cosplayers yet, but seeing how the masquerade isn't until Saturday, I don't expect to see them en masse until then. However, The Stormtrooper Elvis has been spotted.

Today I managed to catch the following sessions:

  • Coloring Comics Part I
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Cartoon Network: How to Pitch a Show for Adult Swim


"tai ji"??? same as "tai chi"? do you now practice this foundation of martial arts? ")

tai chi, tai ji, tai qi.. I went to one class last week. Not quite sure if that counts as 'practicing'... :)

Going back for more punishment tonight.

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