Potato Head Pun-ishment...


Darth Tater can now command an army of Spud Troopers.

I'm curious how far they can go with the Star Wars theme...

How about:

Luke and Anakin Frywalker?

Au-Gra Tin Kenobi

Quite Done Jinn

Jabba the Spud

Mash Windu

Yam Solo and Stewbacca in their chip, the Millenium Hash Brown

Lando Crisscuttan



Darth Saladius

Padme Steamedspuda

Jar Jar Bakes

Emperor Roastatine

And they could have a Potatoine Playset... imagine a fight with Im-peel-ial Fry Fighters and the X-Wing Starch Fighters...

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