5D or 20D?


In an article entitled
Canon EOS 5D or 20D?
, Bob Atkins examines the merits of both cameras, coming to the bottom-line conclusion that:

  • If you're an ultratelephoto fan and tend to shoot all your zoom lenses at maximum extension as well as hauling around the longest telephoto lens that you can afford and carry, then you may well be better off buying an EOS 20D than an EOS 5D - at least you'd have an extra $2000 to put towards those big lenses!
  • If you're a midrange shooter with a good selection of lenses so you have all your focal length needs covered, you'll get higher technical quality images from an EOS 5D than an EOS 20D. If you make your living from photography, perhaps selling stock or doing editorial work, the full frame EOS 5D could well be worth the higher cost.
  • If you're a dedicated wideangle shooter who can never get a wide enough lens and can't live without the coverage of a circular fisheye lens, then the 5D might make you happier than the 20D.

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