All the Pretty Horsepower...


I've been in the Bay Area for 12 years now and I've never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge until yesterday.

I heard rumblings of 60 Ferraris Thundering Across The Golden Gate, so I arrived early and scouted the bridge for a good place to take photographs. The day was overcast and foggy, which made for a nice backdrop.

Unfortunately for me, the Ferraris were headed Southbound, which meant that as a pedestrian on the east side of the bridge, I had to shoot over northbound traffic and over the guardrails. (I'm SOOO going to add a stepstool to my camera gear). The official event photographers were on the west side of the bridge, decked out in bright orange construction jerseys with the videocamera crew right beside them.

The first thing I noticed before the Ferraris showed up was that the Southbound lane had just suddenly cleared. It's an eerie sight when there's no traffic in one lane of the Golden Gate. A lone motorcycle cop, followed by a truck and then a procession of Ferraris. They arrived, one after another, and then, 5 minutes later, they were gone.

I knew where they were headed, of course -- the St. Francis Yacht Club. I walked back to my car and drove down there, finding parking across the street (I love my car -- it's the perfect size for pesky San Francisco street parking). I saw a couple of Ferraris turn into the parking lot just as I was crossing the street. The cars were parked in front of the St. Francis Yacht Club, where dozens of people, photographers and passerbys were looking upon these exotic cars with marvel. There were just a couple of the older ones -- most were the newer models, but the few classics there really stood out. I overheard one guy say into his cellphone "I took as many pictures as I could before I ran out of space on my camera". I used the philosophy of "take pictures of everything". I stayed until the Ferraris started up and began to get arranged for their trip down South to their next stop: Los Rios College.

Flickr Photoset: Ferraris crossing the Golden Gate Bridge


neat! ") it'll be cool to see what kind of camera gear you have now. your post's title is funny because one of my co-worker's favorite movies is "all the pretty horses" and he's making us all watch it! have you seen it?

Nope, never seen the movie. My camera gear hasn't changed since March. It's the same stuff I've been using for everything.

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