Free Career in Game Development Seminar


Received in the e-mail today:

Advancing Your Career in Game Development: The Women's Perspective

September 10, Seattle

Learn how to break in and advance your game industry career, in four panel discussions with top experts in the field. This seminar will provide useful information for women and men, as well as new and veteran game developers.

More details in the extended.

Program topic include:

  • Breaking In: How to Acquire The Skills and Get That First Job
  • An Array of Career Options
  • The Ultimate Challenge: Balancing Work and Personal Life
  • The Executive Perspective
A free one-day Women In Games International event, sponsored by Microsoft Game Studios, International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Game Developers Conference (GDC), DigiPen, Girls in Games,,, BusinessWire and ThemePark Studios.

Presented in cooperation with the Women in Games Conference in Dundee, Scotland. Conference is 1 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, September 10 at Microsoft, 15120 NE 40th Street in Redmond, WA. Attendance is free and space is limited.

Attendees are invited to reserve their spot by registering online today.
Speakers include representatives from: Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Game Studios, Monolith Productions, Real Networks, LimeLife, Her Interactive, Sony Online Entertainment, Wild Tangent, Mobliss, DigiPen.

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