Nintendo Revolution Controller


In the old days you could tell when a kid was new to video games by the way they'd use the controller. Instead of just using their fingers, they'd use their entire body to play the game -- so a hard jump would be the press of button plus the upward motion of the amrs (as well as the controller) in the hopes of that upward motion adding a little extra oomph to the jump. It didn't matter of course -- the controller didn't have anything in there to detect motions (such as the sway of the body when making a hard right or left), but Nintendo announced at the Tokyo Game Show that their new controller for the Revolution (their next-gen console) would include a gyroscope to detect motions.

You can see the controller in action on this
Teaser video for Nintendo Revolution Controller.

I think the controller design is an innovative idea, and it's quite likely that Nintendo developers will be making full use of the controller's abilities in the next-gen Mario and Zelda games. I'm a little less thrilled about the ergonomic design of the controller which resembles a tv remote control.

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