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I got my MacBook today. Hooray!
Flickr: MacBook Pro Opening Pictures
Today feels like Christmas. I was about ready to give up waiting for the delivery when the MacBook Pro arrived. The thing you notice right away is how thin and square the box is -- it's not more than a couple of inches thick. The MacBook inside is even thinner -- thinner than my old TiBook even.
One of the things that I've liked about this process so far is that Mac OS X makes it really easy to switch computers -- in the start up process, the Mac asks you if you want to move your old data to your new computer. Just plug in the Firewire cable, and you're done. All your applications, all your documents, all ready to go.
Update: Preliminary Photoshop CS1 tests: Liquify 8.2 Megapixel image. 800 mhz G4 TiBook: 3:29, 2.0 Ghz MBP: 0:57
The new screen is really bright, compared to my TiBook -- I run it at about 3 notches up, whereas on the TiBook, it is up to max all the time. The new built in camera is kind of surprising at first -- you see, the first time I remembered that a camera was there, was when I was asked to choose my user icon -- and one of the selections was to take a photograph, and there I was, on the screen of my computer.
I need a name for this new MacBook Pro...

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