I'm a Winner!

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Coming back to my apartment tonight, I noticed that a package had been left for me during my absence. I opened it up to discover that I was one of the winners at Universal's drawing at Comic-Con (I didn't need to be present to win). The thing is, I never would have entered into the raffle if I hadn't seen littlestar's glow-in-the-dark Hulk stick -- so I guess that promotional swag does work as an advertisement, because here I am, promoting Universal Pictures and their box of swag that they sent me:

  • Black T-Shirt which reads: Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (front) and "When you got'em hangin' on the meathook... they tell you everything." (back)
  • A small King Kong movie poster
  • Kong Movie Camera Bubble Gum Rolls Candy Container
  • Kong: Mighty Chew Bubble Gum
  • DVD of Joss Whedon's Serenity
  • DVD of The Incredible Hulk: The Complete First Season (starring Lou Ferrigno), and featuring a lenticular hologram that changes him from Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk.

Anyone got any DVDs they want to trade for the Complete First Season of the Incredible Hulk? And it comes with a lenticular hologram too! (oooh, aahhh)

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welcome home! i would suggest a trade for the "serenity" dvd instead, but i think you either have or don't want any of the dvds i have. ")


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