MacWorld San Francisco 2007


Apple announced two new products today -- the AppleTV (which basically a set-top FrontRow) and the new iPhone. Of the two, the Apple iPhone is definitely the more exciting of the two -- they've finally paired the iPod with a cellphone and an internet browser. I'm surprised they didn't make any product announcements regarding their computers (other than the name change), but the name change has been expected for some time now.

The iPhone is impressive -- sporting a 3.5 inch LCD screen and touch controls across the face of the phone. No stylus needed. Apple is displaying a iPhone at the Apple booth at MacWorld encased in a plastic rotating cylinder, which appears to be running a slide show of all its various functions. The iPhone is slim, and I predict that it will become the phone that everyone has, just as the RAZR is the one that everyone has. While the initial shock of the cost of the phones will need some time to wear off, $500 (for the 4GB) and $600 (for the 8GB) isn't that bad for an iPod, phone and internet tablet. One of the more interesting things about the phone is that this won't be sold exclusively at Cingular stores, but also at the Apple Store, which means that Cingular stores won't have the option of strong arming you into getting a phone you might not necessarily want because they "don't carry that phone", as one would (presumably) be able to walk into the Apple Store and purchase one.


Also at MacWorld was the unveiling of the ModBook, a modified MacBook tablet. They did a little more than replace the screen of the MacBook and integrate it with a Wacom table, they also added some nice features, such as a shutting off the tablet sensors when the stylus is housed in the computer.


MacWorld appears to have grown a little bigger, and the longest line I saw there was for Kevin Smith's talk on storytelling, which stretched across the convention center.

Flickr: MacWorld San Francisco 2007

EDIT: In addition, it looks like Apple has stealth-added the new Airport Extreme to their store.

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