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Miyamoto Keynote (

Some interesting stories out of Miyamoto, including his conversion of his non-gamer wife into a gamer. Gamespot has a pretty good writeup of the keynote, including a video recording of the entire keynote. (When I saw him at GDC '99, the room was packed, and I can't imagine what it must have been like today, with the popularity of the Wii at an all-time high). His keynote today focused on expanding the gamer market, and about Nintendo's devotion to entertainment. He starts by explaining that his wife was a non-gamer until she saw their daughter playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time and became a game watcher, but it wasn't until Animal Crossing, the Nintendo DS and Nintendogs that she started playing them.

Miyamoto on his wife's foray into the world of games:

"Now my wife comes up to me and says 'I can beat you at this game, any time! She's bragging -- to me! The thing is, looking at her scores, she's right.She turned into a hard core gamer much faster than I expected. The wife-o-meter jumped up dramatically. Now she's playing Wii Sports, and if our neighbors come over, she invites them to play Wii Sports.Plus, I don't know if she'll ever stop making Miis. She's made Miis for our family, for our relatives, she's even making them for everyone in the neighborhood, and she enjoys showing them to everybody. I think this is something very lucky for me, because now she's getting a taste of what it's like to create something, so I see this as her first step towards game design. Together we'll be competing with our own game designs going forward, and eventually she's going to come up with a very unique idea, and whe she does come up with that unique idea, I can retire."

He also presented Super Mario Galaxy:

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