Epicurean Debauchery in SF, Part II: Cowgirl Creamery


Located inside the Ferry Building is a small avenue filled with small boutique shops and restaurants that are often specialty stores. One of the stores within is a cheese shop callled Cowgirl Creamery.

Cowgirl Creamery is a locally made cheese (in Point Reyes) which uses natural, organic milk. In addition to selling their cheese inside the Ferry Building, Cowgirl Creamery Cheeses can be found in many local markets and restaurants, but for the full cheese shop experience, I highly recommend visiting the store; filled with a dazzling array of cheeses and other food products, the sales people are more than happy to help out in selecting a cheese that fits your tastes and feeding you samples of their wonderful cheeses.


Flickr: Cowgirl Creamery

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