Magic Assistant 0.1

Yesterday afternoon, while I was writing up my entry on the Lorwyn-Morningtide Tournament, I realized that I didn't have an easy way of posting decklists to the blog with links to the appropriate card in Gatherer.

For a normal 60-card deck, this isn't too bad, as there are usually between 12 to 15 unique cards, which is quite doable by hand; however for sealed deck, with a card pool of 90 cards (not including basic lands), there will be few, if any duplicates, and linking it all would be a major undertaking.

The first thing that occurred to me was to write a MT text filter plugin to translate the card names into links. The very first iteration used curly-braces, but about 5 lines into adding curly-braces into the decklist, I decided that square brackets would be better since I didn't have to hold down shift. Using square-bracket based markup made it much quicker to go through a decklist, and further examples can be seen below:

[Mutavault] becomes Mutavault
[Shadowmage Infiltrator] becomes Shadowmage Infiltrator

[B] becomes
[U] becomes
[R] becomes
[G] becomes
[W] becomes

For numbers, [1] through [12] generates through and [X] becomes .

Hybrids and other symbols are also available:
[ub] for symbol
[ur] for symbol
[gu] for symbol
[gw] for symbol
[rg] for symbol
[rw] for symbol
[br] for symbol
[bg] for symbol
[wb] for symbol
[wu] for symbol
[2B] for symbol
[T] for the symbol
[Q] for the symbol

In order to use square brackets, [S1] is the left bracket [, and [S2] is the right bracket ].

Installation Instructions:

Put into the plugins directory of Movable Type Installation.
The images should be copied to mt-static/plugins/MagicAssistant directory of the Movable Type installation, so that the complete path to the images looks like mt-static/plugins/MagicAssistant/images/.

When you go to the Entry Editor, under the Formatting dropdown, there should now be an option for Magic Assistant. Magic Assistant will also automatically convert line breaks.


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Cool idea for a plugin. FYI: the img src tags need to use absolute URLs in order to work in your RSS feed.

Ah, nice catch. I'll fix that soon.

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