Magic Assistant 0.11

The one minor fix made to Magic Assistant is making the image links have an absolute path rather than a relative one. This should make it easier for RSS readers to handle the images. A feature I forgot to document for version 0.1 were the large mana symbols, which are useful for headers and such: [S1]BL[S2] = [BL] [S1]UL[S2] = [UL] [S1]GL[S2] = [GL] [S1]RL[S2] = [RL] [S1]WL[S2] = [WL] One other common problem with RSS is due to older Movable Type RSS templates, which include convert_breaks="0". Having this included in the template will effectively disable text filtering. Also, it doesn't appear to enjoy working with Atom; I'm going to need to do a bit more research to see how to fix this. Download:

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