Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The Canon Japan website has just posted the official specifications of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Like the earlier 5D, the Mark II retains the full-frame sensor, as well as the 9 auto focus points, but the resolution has increased to 21.1 megapixels, includes a 3 inch Live View LCD screen, DIGIC IV processor, sensor cleaning, and the camera now covers up to 25600 ISO. In addition, the Mark II is capable of 3.9 frames per second, and now includes a movie mode, capable of 1920 x 1080 resolution (full HD). The Mark II also uses a new battery pack (LP-E6) with 30% more power, when compared to the older BP-511As that are used in previous generation DSLRs.

While this is a substantial improvement over the original 5D, this new model will not arrive cheap, at $2699 for the body only; paired with the 24-105 f/4L IS the camera kit will cost $3499. I still haven't yet decided if I want to upgrade my camera to the 5D Mark II -- I'm still curious about the low-light performance, and how bad the impact of cramming that many photodiodes onto the same size sensor is before purchasing the camera; the main draw for me would be the full HD camera, which could then use my DSLR lenses.

One of the new features of the Mark II that hasn't been commented too much on is the "Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction" feature, which takes into accout the light falloff in the corners of the frame and corrects it. I can see this being a potentially useful feature on lenses that tend to have vignetting.

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