First Impressions: Wrath of the Lich King

After installing Wrath of the Lich King, I created a Death Knight character. The quests associated with this character class take the character to approximately level 58, and from there on out, you end up repeating most of the quests/tasks that you previously worked on to get your character up to level 70. This, for me, meant repeating Burning Crusade. As much as I played World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade was far from being the most interesting expansion set; with a lot of the emphasis being on faction grinding and small man instance dungeons, as well as keyed areas, I am loathe to start grinding my way through Burning Crusade so I can access the new content as a Death Knight.

The Death Knight character, while new and interesting seems to fill the area between a Warlock and a Warrior Hybrid; while not as ineffectual as a Paladin in dealing damage, the Death Knight does not have the heavy physical defense rating of a Paladin, but rather heavy magical defense so that they can tank spellcasters in a raid group. I think this should prove interesting, as the hardest fights in the game are usually against spellcasting bosses, which do incredible amounts of damage quickly.

The talents and skills of a Death Knight are interesting, as they range from being able to summon Ghouls to being able to Death Coil (fire a bolt of energy which steals life from the enemy and replenishes the Death Knight's).The game play is very similar to a warrior or rogue, in which the player must build up runic energy in order to execute special attacks.

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