The first time I went to Naxxramas for a 25-man Heroic Raid, we wiped several times on the first boss before calling it a night. For whatever reason, we simply could not get it together. A few weeks went by before I had time to raid again, and last Tuesday, I re-entered Naxxramas with my guildmates as part of a 10-man raid. As a newcomer to the dungeon, many of the loot drops defaulted to me, and before the night was through, I ended up ditching much of my old equipment.

The first drop of the night were these boots:

More in the extended...

which was soon followed by:

As we crawled on, we fought more bosses, and these dropped:

The following week, I returned to Naxxramas, and we crawled through the same area again. This time, the drops were not in my favor. As I recall, a lot more mail and leather items dropped than plate, but I still wound up with a good deal of upgrades. After passing on a polearm, I received the Claymore of Ancient Power:

The previous week I had noticed that my DPS (damage per second) was a bit on the low side, so I had switched out my two-handed mace for a pair of one-handed swords. With the addition of this Claymore, I switched once more to a two handed weapon and noticed the improvement in damage immediately.

I won a roll for a Cloak of Darkening:

A pair of Gauntlets of the Master also dropped. These are really more of a cross-grade than a true upgrade; the gauntlets are useful for times when I am the tank, and I really need the defense.

Of course, the night wasn't quite over yet; we faced off against the four horsemen, and I won a breastplate token, which after much deliberation, I decided to trade in for the Heroes' Scourgeborne Battleplate:


Last night, I tried the heroic 25-man Naxxramas raid, and won a roll on a Sand-Worn Band:

sandwornband Whether or not a DK should have this ring is up for debate; our guild has an equal number of DPS and Tank Death Knights, and my spec is geared more for DPS than tanking (this is largely in part because the Sigils, as well as the endgame items are more geared for DPS than Tanking).

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