Starting Clean For 2009

If you've been a frequent reader of my blog, you might noticing that the site is a little more sparse than usual, and instead of having seven years worth of entries, there are little more than a handful.

So what happened? Simply put, I switched servers. Generally when one does that, all the content from one server is copied onto the new server, and no one ever notices that what was once on one is now on another. This process is typically very much invisible to the viewer on the other side. Why isn't it a simple matter of copying the files from machine to another? A large reason is Movable Type, the blogging software I use to run the backend of You see, I've been using Movable Type for nearly 6 years now, and as the years have gone by, I've continuously kept Movable Type updated with the newest releases. At some point however, my version of the Movable Type database with all the different plugins and modifications to the database diverged from the current version, making the backup/restore and import/export functions incompatible with this latest version (4.23). My last full successful backup was sometime in late 2006, so while it is entirely possible to import those entries (about 1600) to save me some work, I'd also like to go back and tag and categorize them properly. I'm not expecting to do all this in a day, or even a week -- I expect I'll be re-adding entries for a long time.

A second reason for doing this is to create a clean version of the Movable Type database, one which is more easily backed up and restored -- I suspect that the database must have been corrupted at some point, as I can only ever manage to export a little over 1600 entries before Movable Type thinks the process of export is done, and I hope that this re-creation of the database will solve that problem.

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