The Methuselah of G4 Titanium Powerbooks


I've had my Titanium G4 Powerbook since June of 2002, and despite it being a bit sluggish at times, this six and half year old computer is still very usable, though these days, it mainly acts as a portable internet terminal; it can even play World of Warcraft (at a really crappy framerate, but it works). In 2005, the left hinge began to shatter, and last month disintegrated further such that it could no longer hold up the screen.

It was at this point of breakage that I decided that something needed to be done. I called the local Mac Repair shop to see if they had the part in stock; they wanted $100 for the part, and $90 oer hour in labor to repair the laptop -- I ended up ordering the part from eBay for $10 (including shipping) and spending 3 hours of my evening taking apart and restoring the laptop.


I'd say it's good for another 6 years...

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