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Starcraft II Beta with Preorder of Starcraft II from Amazon

Apparently, Amazon has a special offer that if you pre-order Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, they'll send you a beta code to participate in the Starcraft II Beta. That's pretty nice, and even if you don't want to participate in the beta, you could probably auction off the key on eBay.

Kindle DX - Used: $439

I am selling my used Kindle DX for $439. Yes, it was an impulse buy, but since getting the iPad, I have picked it up only once to take some comparison shots between the iPad and the Kindle DX.

Given that I find the Kindle app on the Apple devices superior to the actual experience of a Kindle, it is now for sale, and the social experiment of just how quickly Kindle DX can be sold can be metered. (Currently it is the lowest price Kindle DX on the Amazon store, with a sales rank of 7)

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take too long; it sold on Monday morning, about 24 hours after being posted.

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