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Even though I got plenty


Even though I got plenty of sleep last night, I still find myself very drowsy. As I was driving home today from school, I nearly fell asleep at the wheel, so I am going to take a nap and hopefully I will feel better...

It looks my my comments


It looks my my comments link is currently broken. Hopefully it comes back, but if not, I'll find another way to handle comments..

Right now, I'm both going to school and helping my friend get his start-up off the ground. It's a tough juggling act, especially when my first class is at 730am every morning. It'll be better when I move to San Jose, and then I can walk to school rather than commute to school. I haven't been able to make it ontime to class yet, but on the plus side, at least the professor recognizes me...

School starts for me tomorrow.


School starts for me tomorrow. Going to be strange to be hitting the books again.

I managed to pack up the rest of my books today. I'm a bit less emotional today than I've been in the days previous, but moving to a new city still scares me. I assume I'll adjust to life there, but sometimes I feel like a balloon set adrift to the sky, floating from one cloud to another...

I've been cleaning the apartment,


I've been cleaning the apartment, packing everything up in the boxes. I really hate going through this stuff, as I do tend to get quite emotional as the apartment feels emptier and emptier. I should be happy that I'm moving, but I've spent 6 years in this city, and I'm really going to miss it.

I went back to SJSU


I went back to SJSU and I bought my books for class today. It comes with a CD and some cassette tapes. I haven't listened to a cassette in years!

I just realized today that


I just realized today that I've been up here for 10 years now, and I still haven't been to Alcatraz Island. I'm sure there are still many many more famous tourist attractions I haven't seen yet. Is it any wonder why I find it so hard to leave this place?

This morning, as I was


This morning, as I was preparing for my meeting with the publisher, I got a phone call from the blood bank asking if I had the time to donate, because they have a transplant patient who needs A positive blood. Summer is when they have trouble getting donations, since people go on vacation and the like. Since it's been a while since I have donated, I naturally agreed to donate blood after my meeting. I was a little worried since I recently left the country, but they said it wasn't a problem. Today was a good day to donate too, since I had a very large breakfast and a decent sized lunch. (The last time I donated, I hadn't eaten beforehand, and as soon as they pricked me for the iron test, I immediately felt lightheaded and they sent me home). But the donation today went really well (I filled the bag in six minutes). I'm supposed to eat a hearty meal for dinner tonight, so I suppose I'll eat out tonight, since my dinners tend to be quite light. As much as I like sushi, it's not nearly filling enough.

My sister arrives tomorrow, so I'll go to SJSU and buy my books for the semester.

8 Days Left Until Mike Moves.

It occurred to me a


It occurred to me a little while ago that Aug 13th, 2003 marked the 10 year anniversary of my arrival in the Bay Area. If things had ended up differently, that day might have been my last day up here as well. As it turns out, it seems that my destiny lies in the bay area (at least for one more year). This week will be a busy one for me:

  • Getting new house stuff squared away, i.e. Electric, phone, cable, DSL?, etc.
  • Meeting with prospective game publishers on Wednesday.
  • Picking up sister from the airport on Thursday.
  • Picking up forms and books from SJSU after picking up sister.
  • Renew Car registration
  • Find out if buying a second car for daily use will reduce car insurance.
  • Pack up the majority of the stuff
  • Reserve a moving van and/or a storage area
  • Get the car washed (it's been almost 2 months).
  • Fill out forwarding address stuff.
  • Sort out stuff to recycle/donate.

Hmm... list is getting long... eating and sleeping needs to fit in there too, and I'm positive there's a lot more...

Well, I just came back


Well, I just came back from San Jose and signed the rental papers. So, I will have a new place to live in two weeks. The landlord was kind enough to take me on a little tour of the surrounding area, so I know a little about the area now, including where the new Martin Luther King Jr. Library is. Apparently this new library is a joint venture with the city of San Jose and San Jose State University, and it's huge.

The place is only a few blocks away from SJSU, and the downtown San Jose area. Here's a small list of the places around San Jose that I'll have to visit.

A little about the place: It's half of a old Victorian-esque looking house, with hardwood floors. It doesn't have a dining area, but it does have a nice sized living room, which is where I tend to spend the majority of my time anyways.

Looked at more apartments today...


Looked at more apartments today... including one that's way out in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although it's located alot further away, it's pretty nice. It's right in the middle of a forest, and has some truly spectacular views and things to drive through. I worry more about driving my car through the dirt filled roads more than anything about the apartment. It's one of those times where I wish I had a 4WD vehicle or a truck instead of the Celica. Maybe I can trade in the Celi for a WRX STi?

I also succumbed and purchased a printer today. Not just any printer, but a Color LaserJet 1500L printer. I know, not really much need for a Color Laser, but knowing the trends of computer printer prices, I know they don't really fluctuate a whole lot, and as time goes on, you get more features but the price stays the same, and I didn't want to get to the point one day where I needed a color printer, but still had a b&w laser. Until this one breaks I'll never need another printer again.

I spent the day looking


I spent the day looking at apartments today. I think I found one I like that I hope to move into. I'm used to dealing with apartment managers, not landlords, but he's a likeable fellow. He interviewed me this afternoon and seems to like me, so hopefully he'll rent it to me. The only issue I have with the place is that the kitchen ain't great, but it's serviceable. I'll be meeting up with him again on Sunday (and hopefully he'll decide to rent it to me). I saw some really nice places, but I'm trying to find a place that's not too expensive, but still livable.

Berry Burgers I can see


Berry Burgers

I can see myself eating these things. I don't think I'd eat prune burgers, but I'd eat cherry and blueberry burgers.