About Michael Huang

I hold a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from University of California at Berkeley, and I'm a big follower of environmental practices and green movements.

After graduating in 1997, I went to work for Blizzard North, the northern California division of Blizzard Entertainment, working on great games like Diablo II (as well as some unannounced projects). Because of my work on Diablo II, I'm listed on imdb as Michael Huang (III).

In 2003, I worked for Castaway Entertainment with a bunch of my ex-Blizzard North co-workers as we struggled to make deals with big publishers to make our game. Currently I work for Stanford University at the Stanford Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory.

I do a lot of photography. You can see some of my work on flickr, and most of the photography you'll see on this site is my own. I own a lot of cameras, but currently only use:

  • Canon EOS 20D
  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

(As you can see, I've gone completely digital - it's cheaper, and better for the environment)

I also run Blue Comet Games, which is an ebay store specializing in Star Wars Miniatures and Magic: The Gathering cards. I also run a couple of other websites (which are less frequently updated than the blog): photoblogr, a digital photography website, and the Anime Manga Review, reviewing anime and manga.

I'm something of a foodie, so I'm always trying new restaurants (and revisiting favorites).

No one pays me to write anything on the site -- if I'm writing about something, it's likely because I find it interesting, or I want to warn people to stay away from it.

I'm currently living the San Francisco Bay Area.


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